From the Adult Department: Hello, I’m Dennis Cordell, Adult Sunday School Director at Sharon Heights. I want to ask you a question: “How far do you want to go in your walk with God? Has life presented you with circumstances that you feel you cannot overcome?”  Who could deny that these are difficult times? It’s challenging to be a Christian…to live the life God laid out for us in His Word. With his Spirit in us, guiding us, we can live a life pleasing to Him, but you have to remember that He wants us to grow as believers so we can endure through any trial or tribulation we are faced with. The only way we can achieve that is be reading the Word and studying it.

We are a word-based, Bible believing church, and we offer Sunday School classes for every adult age. I want to encourage you to come to Sharon Heights and join us in one of the many classes we offer. We will help you find a class you will feel comfortable in. You can try one or several classes until you find the one you would like to be a part of.

I’ve been a believer for many years, but I didn’t make much effort to study God’s Word in my youth. As I grew older, life with all its responsibilities and challenges woke me up and I realized that a person can’t grow in the Spirit if you don’t study and apply the Word in your life. I want to encourage you to come join us. You don’t have to go through life feeling discouraged and defeated. There IS hope: it is found in God’s Word. Come join us and find out!


Adult Sunday School – We believe this part of the foundation of our church that includes and involves every church member in five areas – fellowship, ministry, evangelism, worship, and discipleship.

New Classes Each Year In the adult division of Sunday School, we offer fifteen exciting classes. We start new classes every year to keep as many adults involved as possible.  For more information about our Sunday School, please feel free to contact:

Butch Pickle       674-7758

Dennis Cordell   674-6033

Ricky King          674-6483

We believe this part of the foundation of our church that includes and involves every church member in six areas – evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, worship, and prayer.


DT University  –We believe that the church must get back to the basics of being rooted and grounded in God’s Word. For this reason we highly recommend all members to get involved in a discipleship class. Each quarter there are several special study classes going on for adults. There are also classes that are year long classes. For more information contact :: Terry Bensko at 674-1032 Discipleship classes meet each Sunday evening at 5:00PM


Adult Missions – The Lord has blessed us with a mission minded heart at SHBC. The first Wednesday of each month, we have brotherhood (Men) and WOM(Women). As a Southern Baptist Church, we see the importance of supporting missionaries through three offerings during the year. Mission Offering

  • Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – to support North American Missionaries
  • Kathleen Mallory Offering – to support the State of Alabama Missions
  • Lottie Moon Offering – to support Foreign Missions

For more information please contact:

L.A.C.E (Women’s Ministry)

Melissa Benkso 674-6071

Candice Trusty

Men’s Ministry

David Bensko 674-6071

Ken Bennett 674-1562