Background Check Information

As we have announced in the bulletin for the months of May and June 2023, Sharon Heights is conducting background checks on all volunteers who work with minors. This is for the safety of our children. Thank you for your service as part of our Preschool, Children, and/or Youth ministers. These background checks will be conducted via a company called Checkr. You will receive an email with details, a request to electronic sign/approve us to do what is called a “pre-employment” background check, routine to church volunteers in Alabama. You will be asked to enter personal information. Rest assured that church leadership cannot see the details of your personal information. You will receive a copy of the report at the same time that I will. Checkr will provide a copy of the report to me on behalf of the church but will not make any judgement calls as to your ability to volunteer. All information will be kept confidential. As we begin to use Planning Center software for scheduling volutneers later this summer, only indivdiuals with completed background checks will be able to serve in roles with direct contact with minors. Individuals will be flagged as having a background check, a pending check (in progress), or no check initiated. No other information is available via Planning Center for your privacy. This way department chairs can still see who needs a background check and who is approved to serve in specific roles.

If any of the reports do not come back “clear,” the deacons have approved a committee of the Deacon Chair (or his designated deacon), the department chair(s) for which the volunteer serves, and myself (as the Administrative Pastor) to review each individual case to decide if it is okay for that individual to work in direct contact with minors. Understand that having a past doesn’t automatically disqualify you from serving. We believe in the grace of God that transforms sinners into his image; however, certain previous issues like sex offenders will not be permitted to serve in those area to protect our children. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything that might come up on your report, feel free to email, call, or text (if you have my cell number). If you call, please leave a voicemail.

Thank you for your service to our kids!

In Christian Service,
Will Jackson
Adminsitrative Pastor
Sharon Heights Baptist Church
Church: 205-674-9206