At Sharon Heights, we believe we exist to “share life” – with you, with each other, and with God through Jesus. Here’s a little more about how we want to share life together.
You were made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! Sometimes we think about God only as someone to obey – but He wants us to enjoy Him. We believe that God can only really be enjoyed when we know Him through Jesus.

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We also believe we should come together as church family to enjoy God together during worship.

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Sharing life means sharing life together. At Sharon Heights we live together, by, well living together! We pray together, laugh together, and cry together. We help each other, learn from each other, and lift each other up. We do that through our small group Sunday School classes that meet ever Sunday morning at 9:30 am.
Sometimes we all need encouragement, don’t we? But at Sharon Heights we know that if we all need to receive encouragement, we all need to give it. We believe God has wired each of us up in a unique way where our gifts and talents matter in the lives of other people and we strive to be a place where everyone contributes in a vital way.
While we should certainly share life with other believer through fellowship and service, the truth is that the whole world needs Jesus. We believe God has put us in our world so that others can come to enjoy Him together with us. That is why we regularly spend time in our community sharing about Jesus. It’s also why we invest our time and our lives in missions projects all over the world.