Preschool Information Brochure

A Note from Jennifer . . . . .
The Preschool Department at SHBC is a great place to be!! God is really working through these young children and with them. It is such a blessing to see these children coming to the church, each week, ready to learn about Jesus. Children are like sponges!! They absorb what they hear. So fill them with the good stuff! Here at SHBC, even babies, in the nursery, are being taught Bible truths and are being told stories from the Bible. During this small group, Sunday School time, they are applying these truths through activities and hopefully will apply what they learn to the rest of their lives. It is so important to start at an early age bringing your child to church and teaching your child about the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ. This is the time when their foundations are forming. So, help build their foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ!! ….Oh yes, their personalities are forming also!! That’s just part of growing and being a preschooler. But, you as the parent(s) set a positive example, be consistent and keep bringing them back. We have a class for everybody!! Nursery –4’s

Train a child in the way he should go. When he is old, he will not turn away from it. Proverbs 22:6    

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.

Serving gladly, Jennifer

Sunday School

Sunday School is a very important aspect of our preschool department. Sunday School is the place where most children learn and grow in their spiritual lives. We have age appropriate classes and Bible teaching for all preschoolers-(birth —4yrs). Our teachers realize that the preschool years are very important for laying the Biblical foundation that one may need the rest of their life. Preschoolers learn by repetition and respond best when they are actively involved in the learning process.
We also realize that preschoolers go through so many different phases and experience separation anxiety upon arrival. Whether it be their first time to visit or if they’ve grown up in the church or if they are just “having a bad day”. We are ready to help you, as parents/teachers, deal with and work through whatever situation(s) may arise.

Did you know….our nursery is equipped for babies as early as one week old? Don’t hesitate to bring your little one to church with you! Let our loving nursery workers watch give them the TLC they need while you attend worship services!
Discipleship Training

In Discipleship Training the preschool department is involved in a program called Team Kid and also Bible Foundations. Team Kid teaches the children about their bodies, their feelings, their families and friends, the places we live, and their church through the use of Bible stories that illustrate these topics. The children really seem to enjoy their studies and relate the Bible stories to their own lives. I know your child would enjoy being a part of Team Kid. Bible Foundations begins to build that stability in the preschoolers life by stressing the importance at an early age to have a solid foundation and that foundation is Jesus Christ.


Mission Friends Mission Friends is a missions organization for preschoolers ages birth-kindergarten. Here is a list of some of the things we do in Mission Friends.

  • Learn what a missionary is and what missionaries do around the world
  • Pray for missionaries, their work, and their families
  • Learn about the similarities between Missionary Kids (MKs) and ourselves
  • Save and give money to help tell other people about Jesus
  • Learn about people around the world
  • Have fun with friends!

Preschoolers love to learn about different cultures and the missionaries who spread the Gospel throughout the world.
Mission Friends meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM! Don’t miss it!!