Sharon Heights is a great place for your preschooler to learn about Jesus in a safe and fun environment. They have activities geared directly for them during all of our regular services so they are always being engaged and excited about what matters most!
At Sharon Heights we know nothing is more important than your family – especially the littlest members! That’s why we have a fully staffed nursery ready to handle anything from the hungriest baby to the dirtiest diaper. You can leave your child with our workers and take a pager as you go to worship, or you can pop in to take care of your child and go on your way! We even have a special discrete room just for nursing moms. 
The Preschool Department at SHBC is a great place to be!! God is really working through and with these young children. It is such a blessing to see these children coming to the church, each week, ready to learn about Jesus. Children are like sponges!! They absorb what they hear. So fill them with the good stuff!  
It is so important to start at an early age bringing your child to church and teaching your child about the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ. This is the time when their foundations are forming. So, help build their foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ!!   Oh yes, their personalities are forming also!!   That’s just part of growing and being a preschooler.   But, you as the parent(s) set a positive example, be consistent and keep bringing them back. We have a class for everybody!!