“… The planting of the Lord that He may be glorified.”
Isaiah 61:3b
At Sharon Heights, we believe that scripture is clear that parents are primary in making disciples of their children. Our hope is to partner with families in their pursuit of this mission. We do so by creating safe, fun environments and using resources that allow children to form the building blocks of their foundation with Christ. As we plant seeds in their hearts, we trust that God will be faithful to water them and help their faith grow.
 The preschool Sunday School classes meet from 9:45-11AM on Sunday morning. We then have “extended session” during the worship services (11AM and 6PM Sunday) with time to play, sing, and learn how to love one another. We also offer childcare so that parents and guardians can attend various SHBC classes and events.
Currently our classes are divided into 3 groups: Babies (infants), 1-2 year olds (crawling/walking, diapers to potty training) and 3-4 year olds (typically potty training). We move up to the next class the first Sunday of September each year – so your child’s numeric age maybe slightly different from their class certain times of the year. We are happy to help you find the right class for your child! Sometimes class meet together during Extended Session as we learn and grow together.
On Wednesday nights, Planted Preschool learn as part of Mission Friends.
Mission Friends is the WMU missions discipleship group for preschoolers from birth through kindergarten. In Mission Friends, preschoolers develop a missions heart as they move from a focus on themselves to a focus on others. Preschoolers grow toward God as they become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love.

Preschool is an exciting time in a child’s life, where they develop an understanding of who God is and how they play a part in His plan for the world. That’s why WMU created Mission Friends — to provide preschoolers the building blocks of faith and teach them of God’s love for all people.

Through engaging activities, games and stories each Wednesday night, Mission Friends will move from a focus on self to a focus on others. This builds a lasting foundation that helps them grow into the next generation of Christ followers who will fulfill His Great Commission.
Preschoolers can learn about missions through
Bible thoughts related to missions,
fun hands-on activities,
mission stories,
cultural learning activities,
sensory activities,
giving offerings, and
helping others.

The journey to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission begins as you provide opportunities for your preschooler to grow in missions. Come join us weekly as we build on that foundation in Mission Friends.
For more information on our safety procedures, check out this page. We conduct background checks on everyone who serves with minors, including our preschool ministry. We are in the process of implementing a new child check-in system to make it easier to keep your littles safe. Check back for more information in the coming months! We also regularly need volunteers to serve with Extended Session. See Kathryn Mahaffey or Rhonda Cole to learn more or sign up.