We take the safety of our church family seriously. We want to make sure everyone who comes to worship and fellowship with us is able to do so in a safe, spirit-centered environment. We also recognize that while we shine the light of Jesus into a dark world, we must protect those in our care. As such, the church is continuously updating our security and medical procedures. If you would like more detailed information or have a specific concern, please let a deacon or security/medical team member know.
As part of our safety protocols, everyone who has direct contact with a minor (under 18) will be background checked. For more information about that policy or procedure, you can read here. We also are implementing knew check-in software that allow us to better track information like allergies, custody, medical concerns, and specific needs of each child. If you are a parent or guardian, feel free to ask our department directors more information about the details of their program or alert them to any specific concern you may have for your child. If you are not background checked and actively serving in a particular area of ministry, you may not be permitted into areas that have minors. Please understand this is for their safety. Currently we ask every family to check-in at the elevator lobby to the second floor each time they come upstairs. If someone is not checking in your children, there will be an unmanned desk for you to sign-in who is present during a particular service. If you would like to help serve in these areas or would like to help with medical or safety, let us know!