June 2024


Jehovah Jireh

What happens when God asks for more than we can give?

God- The Promise Maker

The call of Abraham in Genesis 12 reveals that God relates to His people through His promises and they respond through faith.

May 2024

God the Creator King, Genesis 1-3

In Genesis 1-3 the Bible reveals a God who rules all that He has made and who rescues all that sin has ruined.

Here We Go Again!, Genesis 20

In Genesis 20 we see Abraham falling into the exact same sin he did decades before, but we also see how our predictable failures are always matched by God’s predictable faithfulness.

April 2024

Surprised by Joy Part 2, Philippians

In the second chapter of Philippians we learn that we lose our joy when we become large and other people become small.

A Perfect Time to Panic, 2 Timothy 1:3-14

Sermon preached by our pastor Jesse Carr at the Beeson Divinity School. He was honored with the Massey Preaching Award. The James Earl Massey Student Preaching Award is given to one graduating student each semester for his or her excellence in Christian preaching.

The Baptized Life, James 1:14

On a day when our church celebrates new life in Christ through baptism, we consider what it means for baptism to be more than a moment in life but a way of li

March 2024

The Covenant Family part 2, 1 John 3:2-3

Genesis 17 records the story of God renewing his covenant promises to Abraham with the sign of circumcision. The text shows us what it means to be a people who live by faith - defined by our future and not our failures.

Easter Conspiracy, Matthew 28:1-15

As we head towards Easter we are going to study those who experienced the first Easter in real time. How did they struggle to believe and what if they refused to believe?