March 2024

Grace>Sin, Romans 5:1-21

November 2023

John Stands Out, Mark 1

Provoke, Hebrews 10

One-Part 2, Luke15:1


One, Luke 10:25-29

October 2023

How Do We Know God Forgives?, 1 John 2

How do we know that God forgives us when we sin? What level of confidence do you have in God that He will forgive and where can you find it?

Why Do the Good Die Young? 2 Samuel 1:17

September 2023

Why do Bad Things Happen to Bad People? Job 9:25

Why do bad things happen to good people? That's the question of the ages and Pastor Jesse pulls the answer from the classic case study in the book of Job.

Running On Empty Part 1, 1 Kings 19:1-10

There is some things a preacher just can't say and preachers should never pray that they wished to die. Listen today as Pastor Jesse teaches about Elijah from 1 Kings and "Running on Empty"